About Me

I am a mom.
I am a teacher.

I have wanted both since I was a very little girl. Even now as I watch my children play or my students work I can't believe I made it.

It was my naive belief that being trained as a teacher would be the best way to become a great mother. Makes perfect sense! Isn't a mother a child's first teacher?

I worked for 6 years as an educator before I gave birth to my first child. I thought I knew it all and, as you are probably expecting, I was very wrong. I knew nothing about raising a child of my own. My mom made it look so easy and it's not at all like teaching 30 students every day.

When my daughter started kindergarten I was once again sideswiped by how much I didn't know sitting on the other side of the desk - the miniature chair mocking my uncomfortable state! I felt confused and I had so many questions but I couldn't seem to think of a single one while I sat there listening to my daughter's teacher explain her test scores and progress report.

This blog is the brainchild of that moment - when teacher turned into parent and I didn't know what to do.

Let's travel together down this bumpy road of public education and parenthood! Hopefully, I can give you some helpful advice from both sides of the desk!

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