Friday, January 23, 2015

Funny Friday - Inappropriate Gifts

I open presents from my students after the Christmas rush. I do this so I can sit down and write thank you notes as I go. I am terrible at writing thank you notes even though I am very grateful for every gift I receive from a student or coworker!

This last Christmas I received the usual candy and mugs but one present took my breath away - in a very heart-stopping way. It was a beautifully wrapped gift, as I opened it I started to chuckle nervously. I pulled out a silky, lavender lingerie bag! It was colorfully stitched with an outline of a bra and panties on the outside.I thought about shoving it back in the gift bag and tossing it out immediately. I did not want to know what was in that bag.

My husband insisted that I should at least open it. (I think he was looking forward to my reaction.) Very slowly I opened the bag and peeked inside. Whatever it was, it had white polka dots. I reached in and pulled out the silky item. As I let it unfurl, I realized it was a scarf! [HUGE sigh of relief]

Talk about a heart attack. How was I going to write a thank you note for what I thought was in that silky bag?  Let the awkwardness ensue...

Sample Letter:
Dear Student,
Thank you so much for the undergarments you bought me for Christmas! You know just what I needed. It is my favorite color. I will think of you each time I wear it. I hope you enjoyed your holidays with your family!
Your Teacher

My husband and I talked about how I might need to start showing this commercial in class before any major holidays.

I can't wait for Valentine's Day!

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  1. This post, especially the sample letter, really made me laugh out loud. So glad it was a scarf! Haha! Reminds me when I went to my husband's work party for a white elephant gift exchange and Simone brought in a legit "bedroom toy" and I was shocked and so glad I wasn't the one who had chosen to open that gift! I would have been horrified!